For Dream 77 Ltd.

We are the first and largest importer of hoverbords. We have been in the market for years with high quality and affordable prices. So far, we have greeted 10,000 children with a new honeyboard, each of which has become an unintended distributor of our high quality merchandise.

Dream 77 Ltd is placed on the market in Eastern Europe and currently we export to 5 different countries. We have 3 wholesale warehouses with a very diverse stock of all models and colors.

We want to establish ourselves as an importer and manufacturer of high technology product and not “Chinese garbage that many companies offer in both the OLH and the country”

Our boards are in many shops and you will recognize them on the logo and, above all, on the quality we care for.

We took part in the Sofia Mobility Fest, the Plovdiv Technical Fair with a prize nomination and many TV shows.

And, at the end of 2016, We have a high quality product at a great price.

And we will begin assembling new models here in Varna – with a gradual idea of ​​complete production in all components and parts.

Hoverdream shop in Grand Mall Varna
All products sold by us pass quality control
Meets the trade requirements of the United States of America
Why exactly HoverDream

One of the things that distinguish the products of other brands with similar electrics is the lithium-ion battery of the highest class SAMSUNG (36V / 4.4 Ah – SAMSUNG Li-ion battery). Many of the other brands are NOT with this battery class, which makes the maintenance and operation of the device financially less costly.

We have our quality control at the very place of production of our devices. We are not a reseller. Our goal is not a quick profit, but a high-quality product offering at the lowest possible price and added quality customer service.

We offer products that use only first class parts and materials (grade A + and A ++). We guarantee for our production.

We offer the full range of services. From the delivery of your device, full service and warranty service (12-24 months), post-warranty service and service, recycling program when needed, program to buy the products at the customer’s request with the option of purchasing another one