Hoverboard Hummer Flame 8.5 inch


  • Front Led Lights
  • Rear red Leds
  • Aluminum Panels
  • Rubber steps for good traction
  • Body made of ABS/PVC materials
  • Low battery safety system
  • 64 but CPU
  • All Terrain Capable
  • Warranty 3 Years


Extremely versatile hoverboard that can achieve up to 20km/hour and travel over 20km per single charge. Equipped with 8.5 inch threaded tires allows smooth ride over gravel and sandy terrain. You can even ride up-hill up to 20 degree slope. The hummer hoverboard has front bright white LEDs and rear red stop leds that help ensure safer ride.

This hoverboard is unique with its aluminum bumper panels.

This hoverboard has the following certificates:

  • EC – product meets the safety requirements of EU regulations
  • RoHS – Certificate, which limits the content of dangerous substances
  • FC – United States Quality Standards
  • FTS – Safety Certificate

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